Sunday, December 12, 2010

orange hawkweed

Here is Hieracium aurantiacum of the family asteraceae:

This flower was taken in Wisconsin near the small town of Honey Rock.  H. aurantiacum is an invasive species of the more terrible kind.  It is one of those plants that crowds out the native flora.  The folks over at wikipedia think that the USDA is wrong in naming this flower.  Wikipedia calls H. aurantiacum by the name Pilosella aurantiaca, oddly, though, most of the sources from the Wikipedia article reference H. aurantiacum.  I suspect this point would be lost on the editors of that page. 

Back to the plant at hand.  This plant was photographed on June 21, 2009, my mom's birthday!  I believe she had just turned 39 again.  In North America this is considered a noxious plant due to its propensity to suppress native flora and the difficult in eliminating the plant once it finds a foothold. 

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